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The mission of our organization is to help protect Florida’s native wildlife through the purchase and stewardship of land. By collecting tax deductible donations to buy vacant land, we will strive to provide safe habitats for our wildlife.

Better for Wildlife, Better for the Planet

How much has the world changed in your lifetime?  The human species has made more changes in our brief time on the planet than any other species before us.  Every time we clear land for development, we destroy the habitat for flora and wildlife.  Truth is, the Earth can only take so much.  At Keep Florida Wild, we are doing everything we can to save the environment and wildlife that is so precious and unique to Florida.

Saving the Land and the Animals

We Need
Your Help


Land Conservation
Is Our Passion

Our main objective at Keep Florida Wild Land Conservation is to purchase vacant land, and leave it
With your donations, we are able to:
- Purchase land to avoid development
- Provide wildlife habitats
- Plant fruit bearing plants to support wildlife
- Ensure there is both dry land and wet land year round for wildlife
- Reduce invasive plant life

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Preserving Nature
for the Next Generation

As people and parents, we do everything we can to secure a good future for our children.  We're conditioned and challenged to provide a good education and lifestyle that will pave the way for a prosperous life for the next generation.  But, how much time and finances do we spend on preserving the world that they will live in?  What will the future hold as our planet is slowly but surely engulfed in concrete and pavement? 

Protect Our World by
Preserving Theirs

Now is the time to protect our natural land and environment, and you can help by donating to Keep Florida Wild today!  Your donations enable us to purchase parcels of land to save it from development, and in turn save the wildlife and retain it's pristine beauty.

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