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Interesting Facts About

Florida Land Conservation

Conserving the land may not always be as straight forward as you might think.  There's a good chance that it's happening in places that you may not have thought of, and the need for conservation may be more  personal than you realized. 

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Florida Ranchers

Many people may not know that Florida Ranchers are naturally invested in land conservation.  The ranchers know that their livelihoods depend directly on the quality and quantity of grazing land available to their cattle.  Though some ranchers motives may be driven by monetary goals, they are inadvertently saving thousands of acres of land from being ravaged by developers and protecting the natural grass and marshlands for countless species of wildlife.  We can all help this cause and Keep Florida Wild!

Drinking The

Did you know that nearly 8 million Florida people get their drinking water from the Everglades?  That's right!  Most of Southeast Florida gets their drinking water directly from the Everglades.  So not only are the Everglades a supremely important area to save and preserve for wildlife, it's also an absolute necessity for the human population in the area!  Help us save the Everglades today!

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