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Florida Black Bear

Facts & Figures

  • Florida's Total Area is 65,758 Square Miles

  • Land Area - 53,625 Square Miles

  • Water Area - 12,133 Square Miles

  • Developed/Agricultural/Mining/Unprotected - 36,989 Square Miles

  • Protected Natural Land - 16,636 Square Miles

  • Territory Required for One Male Florida Black Bear - 39 Square Miles

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Keep Florida Wild Land Conservation

Black Bear Habitat

When the 39 square miles a male Florida Black Bear calls home is developed, it will also include the displacement of 60 bobcats, 165 foxes, 580 deer, 1,250 northern bobwhites, 2,000 cardinals, and 2.5 million trees, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report.

Invasive Species Removal

When necessary, we will remove invasive species of both plants and animals, allowing the land to heal and return to it's natural state.  If needed, we will implement noninvasive fencing to help retain the natural habitat and Keep Florida Wild. 

Human Population Factor

As of 2022, the human population of Florida is a massive 22,085,563, and is expected to reach 38,000,000 by 2060.  This population explosion will require the development of an additional 11,000 square miles of precious land, reducing  the amount of natural area to a critically low level. 

100% Donations Utilized

You can rest easy knowing that 100% of your donations will be used for Florida Land Conservation.  Your generous contribution will be employed to purchase land, resources and services required to keep the land protected from development and human invasion.

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