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Florida Real Estate Donations

Donate Land

Do you have a parcel of land or some vacant land acreage that you  no longer need or want to pay taxes on?  You can donate the land to Keep Florida Wild Land Conservation and we will ensure that the land is kept, or returned to it's natural state and will never be developed or built upon.  Call us today! 

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Donate Vacant Land

Donating vacant land is the fastest and easiest way to transfer ownership and receive a nice tax deduction in the process.  The land will be kept in it's natural pristine condition and will be a wonderful environment for the wildlife that call it home.  Donate your land to Keep Florida Wild!

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Land Acreage Donation

Maybe you have a few vacant lots that you had purchased with the intent of building someday, but now find that you will no longer need that land acreage.  Rather than go through the lengthy and stressful process of selling the land, give us a call and we'll explain how quickly you can donate those assets by donating the land to Keep Florida Wild Land Conservation and receive your tax deduction in record time!

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