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Florida Real Estate Donations

When You Donate Real Estate....Everybody Wins!

Keep Florida Wild Land Conservation non-profit gladly accepts real estate donations.  We take care of all of the paperwork and legal obligations, all you have to do is contact us!  You can donate nearly any type of property; houses, vacant land, buildings, commercial property, condos, apartments buildings, estates...whatever type of real estate property you have to donate, we would love to speak with you! 

What We do

Maybe you have a parcel of land, or an unused home or commercial building and you no longer want to pay the taxes or go through the headache of selling the property...that's where we come in!  When you donate Florida Real Estate to Keep Florida Wild Land Conservation, you not only receive a healthy tax deduction, but you also have the peace of mind knowing that 100% of the proceeds will be used to advance our Florida Land Conservation mission!  In the case of a donation of vacant land, we will ensure that the land is kept vacant and will never be used or sold for development.  Your generous real estate donation will help us preserve the land and the wildlife that calls it home.  

Types of Real Estate Donations

We're Here to Help

Whatever type of real estate you own, we are here to help you through the donation process every step of the way!  Our professional staff will take care of all of the paperwork and legal responsibilities, making the procedure as quick and simple as possible, and will address any questions or concerns that you may have. 

When you donate Florida real estate, you are helping to preserve our state's natural land and wildlife for future generations, as well as scoring a nice tax deduction for yourself!  Everyone wins! 

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